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Memo from God Inc. - Our Universe is missing!

Editors note:
The connection between the MICE (Most Intelligent Creatures Evolved), Google and God will be explained in a later post entitled "Life, the Universe and Little White Mice". For now just take it that they are still trying to find the answer to everything (as mentioned in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) and are much more intelligent than we think they are...

Memo from the emergency planning board of God Inc.

It has come to the attention of God, the "ultimate question planning board" at Google.com and the MICE that large parts of the universe's assets are in fact missing!

The possible theft of these parts of the universe was picked up by the MICE team working on the Google project when a number of our work force (them human things) on the earth started asking Google what the universe was made of and why there seem to be so many holes in it.

Google, unable to find the answer within the alotted 310 milliseconds, threw something out about evolution and then added this to the pile of questions which required researching by the MICE. However when the MICE looked into this problem they realised with horror that in fact about 90% of the universe is, well, missing! There appears to be absolutely nothing there.

We believe the damage limitation exercise has been successful in that the humans now believe that there is something called 'Dark Matter' but we find it most distressing that anyone would consider pinching the majority of the 'stuff' in the universe...!

To allow a swift end to this potential crisis we as the board of God/Google Inc. have decided to offer an amnesty for either the return of or information leading to the return of the missing 'stuff' otherwise there might not be enough gravity left to make sure the universe collapses in on itself and recycles in another big bang...

Please can we have our universe back?

Yours, God Inc., Google Inc and the weird bloke in the next street.

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Last Updated: 19th April 2008