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So, what does Trev believe exists?

I should probably start off by saying I'm not trying to claim any of these ideas are right or convince anyone of them but most are figured according to Trev's style of logic which probably doesn't fit into a classification you'd find in any sociology books... :)

I'd guess would be the first one, but then again I'd be a bit nuts not to really considering Fred - my mothers nickname for the ghost I used to see at the pub where I worked (imaginative eh? :)). Actually ghosts is split into what I call "interactive" and "non-interactive", but I'll discuss that later.

UFO's - jury is still out on that one especially things like Roswell which to be honest sounds very iffy to me. However if the CIA did catch some aliens, I really hope their friendly or we could be in for some nasty businesses when they don't call home!

God - yeah, but possibly not in exactly the same way as most churches would teach you. They seem to claim this god is a separate entity whereas I suspect we're a bit more connected if you like, but that doesn't really work well especially with the Catholic Church. In case you're wondering, I don't have much time at all for the Catholic Church... :)

Heaven, Hell & life after death - again, not the way the churches have been trying to teach it especially the aforementioned one. I suspect theres not that much of a disconnection between the living and the dead and the experiences I've had so far seem to bare that out. I'll explain more in another piece later.

Premonitions - again, this is one that I can't say doesn't exist due to those I've experienced. The line here is a little blurd as to whats a premonition and whats some other kind of information, but if you include dreams in this theres one I've never been able to explain with the known laws of physics.

Dopplegangers - (how Google spells it). The idea of these is you see yourself or someone else sees another you in a place where it's impossible for you to be since you're where you know you are....confused? ;) A very strange phenomenon which might be explained by parallel intersecting universes. Never seen one myself however so can't comment personally.

I'll add to this list when I can think of new stuff. I should mention, I don't automatically believe in everything thats a bit strange and do believe that eventually most of this stuff will be scientifically defined, but just not yet...

Back to mad theories....

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Last Updated: 19th April 2008