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If you've just landed here without seeing any of the introduction sections you might want to read the about this site and the other introduction. Why do we have 2 introductions - well isn't 2 always better than 1?

The following ideas are vaugely categorised and linked in roughly the order they were written. If you want a better idea of the ordering, see the blog link on the left. And yes I know there aren't that many of them, but I do have to think of other more earthly stuff occasionally you know... :)

The Ministry of Geek:
Introduction to the Ministry of Geek

The Meaning of Life:
Why "42" is the meaning of life

Mad Theories:
Why witches use broomsticks to fly
New healthy way to a sun tan
Memo - Our Universe is missing!
Google is female
An explanation of insanity
God is a search engine
Dustmites save world from Global Warming!
Deja Vu Explained
Happy cities get less rain!
Various short mad theories

Semi-Mad Theories:
Insanity Explained <g>
Excuse for spending too long on your PC
Quantum Conversations

Stuff from the science people:
Is God & Science the same thing?

Paranormal & Similar:
A quick intro to paranormal
What does Trev believe in?

Total Reality:
Interesting Nintendo Quote
Heroes of the Internet
ET needs a big sponge!
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster


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Last Updated: 19th April 2008