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What is the point of speed dating?

Normally on this site we can come up with an explanation for pretty much anything and we rather pride ourselves on that....although admittidly it sometimes takes some working on.

However, we have a big problem.

Earlier today one of our information scouts spotted a reference to speed dating. For those unfamiliar with this, you essentially get 20 guys and 20 gals in a room and each meets for 3 minutes and ticks some kind of score sheet for each person they meet.

Now we've been racking our brains over this one and that didnt work. We got together our best nerds - the sort of people who put coffee on their Frosties because it saves the hassle of drinking the stuff - and even brought out the tanktops but after hours of puzzling we still can't work out the answer...

What is the point of speed dating??

This is more complex than "Whats the point of line dancing", but we're working on a theory that this equally bizare activity helps to keep the fabric of space-time in sync with itself, albeit on a small scale unless the whole world starts doing it... ;)

Back to mad theories....

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Last Updated: 19th April 2008