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Really this section is for things which don't require a full page but are worthy of some space in the great scheme of things. These ideas might get fleshed out one day when theres time...

Armchair aliens:

Just watching a program on Channel 4 (yes even in the UK we have boring channel names) and someone mentioned a very good point. If we're sitting here waiting for aliens to come to us and wondering why they don't visit publically. Who's to say they aren't all doing the same thing and thus we'll never meet?

An analogy of programming:

While thinking of something entirely different earlier, I suddenly hit on a way to explain what the majority of programming entails...

Imagine you've got a rusty screw in a plank of wood. Normally you'd use a single tool such as a screwdriver to shift it, however this one ain't going to budge so you need to think of another tool to help solve this problem. After a while you see a hammer and wonder, if I hit the screwdriver with the hammer will that free the screw? A hammer isn't a natural choice for removing something, but in combination it works.

Same with programming - some is easy and requires just one tool, other programming requires a combination of tools not all of which are naturally designed for that job....thats why it sometimes takes so long (my excuse anyway). :-)

If a half-spin particle can be female, does that mean she spends 4 times as long as a normal particle getting ready as she has 2 pottential sides to dress?

For those who remember Gremlins in the 80's:

"It looks cuddly and normally is perfectly harmless prefering to just sit and watch the world go by, but remember, the most important thing of all, don't under any circumstances, however hungry he looks and however much he begs, *do not* feed a Trev with Frosties & coffee after midnight if you value your mind!!!".

Wondering one day why time sometimes goes backwards while you're sleeping I began to wonder whether time was actually like a giant clock with gravity pulling the hands down after they got to midday / midnight...? Of course this doesn't explain why it drags all afternoon.

Update: Maybe the afternoon dragging relates to the rotation of the earth and the fact that the clock is heading for the otherside of the world therefore it turns upside down and is once again affected by gravity...?

Back to mad theories....

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Last Updated: 19th April 2008