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Do scientists require religous faith?

Channel 4 to the rescue again which a program entitled "What we still don't know". An interesting point raised on there related to whether there are 1 or more universes?

If there is 1 universe then how come this one is so well tuned with the laws of physics that allow the universe to exist. For example, gravity is exactly the right strength to allow atoms to join, but not be crushed. Many think there must be something that requires so-called faith, ie: assumption that there is something you'll never see.

On the other hand there's the chance of multiverses (many universes) so it happens that with all the variations in laws of physics, this one was tuned correctly to let atoms to join and everything else to work. As pointed out however this assumption is pretty impossible to prove. Therefore do you need to have the same type of faith to go with the idea...?

I'd guess we'll just have to watch this space...

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Last Updated: 19th April 2008