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Nice Quotes

I had to have somewhere to put various soon to be famous quotes created by yours truly and others, therefore this bit of empty space looked like a good place to save these words. Also this might be one of the more sane places on this web site... :)

Trev Quotes:

The only person who has wisdom is he who knows that he knows nothing at all - Trev, 2004

Genius is a measure of how fast you can baffle people - Trev, Sept 2003

Sal Quotes:

These are from a good friend of mine who's wise words have helped me through many tricky times, and who came up with these to share with you.

Experience is what we gain when we dont get what we want
, Sal 2007

Women - always in a strop when they don't get their own way, Sal 2007

Other Quotes:

OK, this one isn't from me or Sal and isn't even a mad theory, but it's one of the best quotes from one of the best films I've seen.

"I learned a new word today - Atombomb. It's a white light, like God taking a photograph" - Jim, Empire of the Sun

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Last Updated: 19th April 2008