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Welcome to the Ministry of Geek

Welcome one and all to the Ministry of Geek (or Ministry of G33k).

Come forth and sit on your big coloured ball pinched from Google and plug in your lavalamp...

So what is the Ministry of Geek?

Put simply, this is a home for all those people who are rejected by the world as "sad" and "geekie" just because they happen to have watched TRON 16 times or know the names of all the Vogons on the Vogon Constructor Fleet ship that destroyed the Earth v1.01.

There are no entry requirements, no membership fees and currently no formal meetings and this isn't anything remotely connected with God, traditional religion or any of that boring stuff. Admittidly there probably aren't any members either (except me), but even the Catholic Church started on pretty shakey grounds and look at that now!

Our members (if we ever get any) can be from any background and we promise not to descriminate against anyone and would especially welcome good looking women into the ministry as we don't think there are enough women geeks.

Is the Ministry of Geek for you? Well if a few suggestions for people who might be interested include:

Anyone who's watched TRON
Anyone who admits to watching The Last Starfighter
If you watched Toy Story and spent most of the film analysing the CGI
Those who secretly rooted for Skelator in the He-Man cartoons
Or of course talk to your fellow office workers by MSN!

We have great plans here at the Ministry of Geek including a search engine bot that goes around the web but doesn't index anything (aBotWithoutACause.com) and a web site with absolutely no defined purpose (aWebsiteWithoutACause.com).

Thats about all for this first sermon from the Ministry of Geek. Hope to see you around and if you want to become an officially recognised member then why not drop me an e-mail (see contact link on the left).

6th June 2004

Edit - 2nd July 2004: We've now secured ministryofgeek.com !

Back to mad theories....

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