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An explanation of insanity

I thought this was rather apt for these forums... ;-)

For those outside the UK, Pick n' Mix is where you can get a large selection of sweets and can pick and choose however many of each you want then just pay by weight.

Insanity can generally be compared to the Pick n' Mix sweet counter at Woolworths.

Insanity is caused when you're brain is presented with a vast array of nice looking ideas, but you just can't decide which you prefer. As you sit staring at the ideas, you're brain begins to work faster and faster and gets more and more unsure.

Eventually you just decide to wildly grab for ideas (just like the sweets at the counter) at random, stick them in the bag and toss them out onto the screen in a manner which at the time made perfect sense to you and 10 minutes later has you wondering what the heck you were thinking...

Back to mad theories....

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Last Updated: 19th April 2008