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Dustmites solve Global Warming!

This idea came about as a result of a post on a newsgroup relating to the reduction of housework, but I can't actually remember what the idea was.

Anyway, someone (Adam Thorn) suggested that the original idea actually made sense - yes we paniced too! Therefore the entire R&D dept. of Trev's Wacky Ideas Inc. was dragged from the TV room where they were watching the entire series "I love the 80's" and put to work on what became the following idea on how dustmites can save the world from Global Warming...

In part 1 of this idea of reducing housework we discussed the idea that reducing cleaning especially hoovering allowed for better civil rights for dust mites, bed bugs etc., as well as reducing the amount of electricity used and therefore slowing so called global warming...

We at Trevs Wacky Ideas Inc. have been further pondering over this idea and have realised that these extra bugs could be useful in other respects such as producing electricity, thus further reducing the use of coal for such production.

There are 2 possibilities here:

1) We suspect that in return for a more comfortable life especially not involving hoovers, the mites would be quite willing to use a little of their time producing electricity either by running on tiny tredmills, performing a sort of rowing action or wearing nylon jackets and rubbing against nylon carpet to produce static electricity.

2) Although not yet confirmed, we suspect the mites may produce a methaine type gas which could be collected and used as a clean burning substance. Effectively recycled waste burning if you like.

There are a few technical problems associated with these ideas of course such as installing the tiny tredmills or humans being knocked out by the gasses, but what brilliant new idea didn't have a few troubles...?

We'd also like to thank the witches of the dark ages who originally had a similar idea of harnessing mites for their broomsticks.

Back to mad theories....

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Last Updated: 19th April 2008