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Deja Vu Explained

Before writing any of this I should probably point out that there are 2 explanations here. The first is a semi-scientific one and the second is a mad theories one. I just didn't want anyone reading the first and thinking I'd gone all normal or something...

The first one is a combination of an idea by Trev and Tam from Tams Web Design from the Cre8asite Forums.

Deja-vu is caused when your brain tries to store a short term memory about a particular situation, but another memory uses the same brain path and they corrupt each other.

You therefore only have part of a memory stored so when a second later your brain compares that corrupt memory to this situation it assumes the corrupt memory was old and therefore you've been in this situation sometime ago even though in reality it was only a second ago.

This also explains why you're the only person who has deja-vu at that time.

Mad theories explanation:

If we take the parallel universe idea - what you're experiencing when you get deja-vu is a situation that happened to "you" in a nearby parallel universe which you somehow connect to occasionally.

The people around you don't get the feeling because they haven't made contact with the copies of themselves at that exact moment and therefore the moment is completely new to them.

Since the deja vu is caused by the non-connectability of the universes and is therefore not all that clear you can't quite work out whether it was definitely the same or just something similar that you "remember"...

Actually same thing explains non-interactive ghosts but thats another post...

Back to mad theories....

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Last Updated: 19th April 2008