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Trev's Wacky Ideas Inc.

So, what is Trev's Wacky Ideas Inc.?

Trev's Wacky Ideas Inc. is my alter-ego if you like where I can create bizare departments depending on the subject matter at hand such as the "Lost universes, galaxies and other large objects dept." which is responsible for the PR effort to prevent the people of earth realising that someone has stolen large chunks of the universe (see "Our universe is missing").

Actually Trev's Wacky Ideas Inc. is what I'd like to be able to setup if I had a lot of money to basically try to explain the mysteries of the Universe in a way that doesn't require a masters degree in physics. Theres a lot more coming into this site in the future including sections on theories relating to the so called "super-natural" and quite a bit of stuff that might re-explain what religion has been failing to explain for a long time...

So now I've cheesed off the IRS who thought they'd caught a major tax fraud, the US gov. dept that deals with Inc's for using this name and the Catholic Church (the main culprit a least) for claiming that they've failed to explain things properly for the last 2000 years - folks, its a good thing I don't live in America! <g>


A quick note about our sister organisation Rento-Killa-Bit who for a modest fee will help stamp out your PHP bugs with our unique dumb-user-simulation system which as the name suggests simulates all the really stupid things the user could do (at least the ones we can think of) allowing you to create a totally fool proof system.


For legal reasons I should say that Trev's Wacky Ideas Inc. is not in any way related to TWI Inc. who I think are based in Canada (nice country) or to any other company with a similar name.

Actually I'm pretty sure TWI wouldn't sue me as the Canadian's don't seem to be like that, but I ain't rich enough to take the risk.

Update: Actually this could cause a few problems since I've got one plan to move from my current location (not revealing where) to Canada which means it'll be 10x easier for them to sue me, erm...

As for Rento-Killa-Bit, erm, anyone know a good lawyer because I have a horrible feeling their British although I must stress I ain't connected with any companies of a similar name! ;)

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Last Updated: 19th April 2008