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Trev's Blog:

Originally this site was going to be a blog type of thing, but it sort of evolved into what you see today. However I figured it might still be nice to have a corner where I jot down ideas, thoughts and other stuff as well as updates in a less structured way. Plus a lot of it is simply my life as it progresses, not directly related to the theories. The mad theories themselves are still in the usual place...

19th April 2008

I promise, there are some new theories sitting in text files around the place which I will get onto this site. Not really done much in months, but I guess this is the side effect of actually living and having friends. Tends to take away all the time to do stuff like this. :)

However, for the 300 odd people (and probably bots) that seem to visit this site and of course the people from Yahoo Answers where I seem to spend lots and lots of time....well I thought it'd be nice just to prove I still exist (just). Got a whole load of people I know from that site - yes, I'm the mad_theorist on there as you might guess.

Added a couple of new pics to the site under the about Trev section (links at the bottom) even if I think one of them is seriously awful.

On a completely unrelated note to the theories (well almost), I found a really nice lass who's name I'll keep off here for now mainly because she'd probably kill me. But surfice to say she's an absolute star and yeah I rather like her (ok, a heck of a lot)....who knows, maybe even the mad_theorist is destined to find someone? This is kindof related however since she is majorly into physics and extremely bright, but very down to earth too. If she ever reads this, she knows who she is...

Oh and no, Sal hasn't vanished or anything like that. She's still around and doing pretty well considering what life is trying to throw at her. I have faith in her getting there.

19th August 2007

Those who know me too long also realise that I tend to vanish for quite a while, although 18 months is a bit long I admit. :) The theorist is still kicking about and there are a few things waiting to be added. I keep having them, it's just some depend on circumstances and some are just way too insane to actually publish. :)

Todays update is in the "Interesting quotes" section with the addition of a couple of new ones from another friend of mine - Sal.

I've not actually introduced you to Sal. If you remember way back in June 2005 I met the wonderful Josee who started me on the road to recovering from depression / bi-polar (courtesy of QEGS, my former school) and various other problems. She's currently running the UPS store in Vernon, BC (Canada) so I don't get to talk to her as much, but still on occasions.

This is a very short version of events, but around June 2006 I met via another of our forums a lass called Lav and she introduced me to someone called Sal. I didn't entirely "get" Sal initially, but we got talking quite a bit and it turned out she understood me a lot more than I did. In essence she continued where Josee had left off and basically in many ways fixed what I now think is bi-polar disorder (basically your happyness sitting on a rollercoaster at Alton Towers).

There is an awful lot more to this, some of which only Sal knows and it's probably staying that way, but she's another one those big milestones that seem to come along in my life.

Nearly forgot - Trev's found fashion sense! For anyone who knew me before, it's true, he really doesn't look quite as awful as he used to and even has a slightly better hairdo. This also thanks to Sal...!

Oh....its not as one sided as it may sound, but that is between me, Sal and the planning committee.

There are a couple of other people I need to tell you about sometime...

18th March 06

Afraid there's a bit of a lack of new theories in recent times although I've still got a few sitting around waiting to be typed up. No new theories today, but since this was kindof a blog I thought I'd bring anyone reading this up to date.

I somehow completely forgot to put on here that I've now been upgraded from Trev to Uncle Trev although that was back in December - just can't off hand remember the date. Anyway, I'm now the uncle of Holly Catherine Saward who started out around 6lb 5oz or something like that....medical people don't seem entirely certain. Now around 10lb and really making my arms ache! And yes, for anyone who knows me, I admit it - I am quite fond of her regardless of what I said about kids previously.

Things are still going great with Josee and I really hope we'll remain friends for a very, very long time to come. I know that isn't exactly unique, but for me it's the first time I've clicked with someone to that extent and she's still my little angel, and a very good reason to stick around (along with Holly).

Oh I've gone over the 30 barrier now and have now started on the slope to 40....well 31 is fairly close isn't it. Also means I've not achieved my goal of buying a house by the time I'm 30, but there are some pottential options on the horizon so watch this space. Might be in England of Calgary, not sure yet.

Unfortunately I do have to report that we lost our little Ollie (the cat) this morning after he was rushed into the vets with a mystery illness on Thursday. We still don't know what was wrong as he was only 2 (not sure what that is in cat years), but 8 vets couldn't figure it and he died in his sleep in the early hours of this morning.

Technically he's actually my sisters cat bought by my brother in law for her birthday from what's commonly refered to as the tough end of Carlisle, but he came here for a weeks holiday while they were having some work done on their house and 6 months later it was decided that he probably wouldn't move so he kindof adopted the area.

Since I'm almost certainly the only person who actually reads this site, I guess there'll be no one to object to a couple of photos. For anyone who's had a cat, I suspect the latter might ring bells. ;-)

Ollie in "Eh, what you doing and why wasn't I invited" mode
Ollie in "Moi, wanting to be centre of attention, nah..."

RIP Ollie, 2003 - 2006, we'll miss ya' kid


1st January 06

We have an update! :)

Yes it's true, for anyone who has this site on one of those "page changed" monitors, dust it down we have a little update. Well little in terms of number of pages, but big in terms of things the universe (probably).

We now have the answer to Why is 42 the Meaning of Life and as with many things it was really staring us in the face all along. Perhaps this was something that Douglas Adams meant to tell us before he unfortunately passed on so suddenly, but it seemed an appropriate date to launch it somehow.

As for other updates (non-site related). I've now done that flying thing all the way to Canada. As someone said - if you're going to find out you don't like to fly, Canada is an awfully long way-a-way to find out! :) This was for a holiday and to meet the friend mentioned below. For anyone thinking about it, try Calgary, really nice place.

Also very significant things happened in my head after this trip and an awful lot of long term stuff was resolved, some of it around 30 years old. Now moving forward into 2006 and hopefully going to build on it. And yep, it was very largely thanks to the friend mentioned below.

Oh and on a slightly different subject - we've managed a PR3 again on the homepage after crashing out of Google at one time. Not quite the PR5 we once had, but considering this site gets no real promotion it's not too bad.


17th September 05

Don't worry folks, the site hasn't been deserted, although it's not getting anything like the attention it really should have. So what's happening in the world of Trev currently?

One quite significant reason for the delay was that around June I started chatting with someone from Canada on the travel forum I sort of help run. I would say in the past 30 years there have been two really significant events in my life - getting my current job and meeting Josee. I can't really spell out what she's done for me as it's complex and involves personal stuff from over 10 years back that only she and I know about, but if the whole world went south tomorrow I'd still be happy if I knew I could send her an e-mail....she really is that important in my life.

OK, so what else. Well I discovered a great site today called the First United Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster which is sort of poking fun in a way at some rather daft right wing religious groups in the US who think that creationist theory (God made world in 7 days) is more scientific than evolutionary theory. Oh and it's got some excellent graphics on the site.

For anyone monitoring Google Page Rank (r), I know this site doesn't have any currently but that's because they've stopped counting forum links which is where most of the traffic comes from. Then again we've still had around 314 uniques last month and 225 upto today so that now beats the July stats and we're only half way through the month. A big thank you to all those visiting us!

There are more theories coming, just as soon as I get time to type them out and in some cases, figure out what they mean (yep, quite a few baffle me after 6 months in storage too!)

I also added a new pic of me to the "About Trev" page in the list of pictures section, even if I do hate all photos of me.

Finally, I've updated the "last updated" figure at the bottom of this site. :)

20th March 05

Not sure if this is something I've heard elsewhere or an idea that my brain just cooked up, but it looks like ET might need a giant sponge to even have a chance of setting off into space exploration. All will be explained.
(This isn't a mad_theory btw).

3rd January 05

Welcome to the next year in our quest to find the meaning of life, the universe and everything!

To celebrate the fact that we somehow arrived in this new year I've added a new page, but this is one that most people will never see - an error404. Yes, while researching 404's and PHP I suddenly realised theres absolutely not a sausage of one on this site, so now we have one...an error404 page

19th December 04

A little update today which takes a quick look at whether scientists need faith alongside those from a religious background.

Theres also an addition to the short theories section which might explain why we're not being visited by more aliens....and it all depends on the humble TV.

18th December 04

Before anyone who reads this site gives up on me, there are more theories coming including a new one which examines whether we truly have "free-will" to change our destiny or if our lives are pre-programmed. The results may surprise you...

I've also added a new link to the links section help anyone who claims that we really did land on the moon in 1969 and although it comes from NASA so may be biased, this one is pretty convincing. If you have a powerful laser you can ping the "Lunar Laser Ranging Retroreflector Array".

Do government dept's get paid more for having fancy named equipment or is it simply that nobody wants to question why the US spent say $6m on a mirror [guessing] when they have to stand up in Congress and ask about the Lunar Laser Ranging Retroreflector Array...? :)

This actually reminds me of that point during the Monty Python film "The Meaning of Life" where they get out the machine that goes "PING" to keep the hospital auditor happy. Btw, if you haven't seen it, go buy a copy as it makes a lot more sense than even this site!

10th October 04

Not a lot of updates today I'm afraid. Still busy amusing the cat and doing lots of PHP stuff including a combo of postcards and RSS feeds today, but for some reason I find my brain tends to have some of the best theories under these conditions. I just need a seed and wham - theres the idea!

There is an update over in the short theories section of the site to explain the concept of programming in a non-techie way.

10th September 04

Been tied up with stuff recently including a couple of weeks trying to amuse my sisters cat - Ollie - and attempting not to sustain too many injuries from it.

Anyway, added a new link today at the end of the links page for the best rubbish site on the Net. Yes Trev may be the wrong side of sanity, but this really is the best load of old rubbish. See the link about New York rubbish to see what I mean.

I've also added a link to Stephen Hawkins web site - you know the guy who wrote A Brief History of Time. Been reading a lecture of his called "Does God Play Dice" which deals with the uncertainty principle, chaos theory and whether we can ever predict the future (see public lectures section).

Before anyone reading this gets a bit worried about the lack of mad theories, I've just worked out a sort of addon to the soon to be published "Life, The Universe and Little White Mice" which in part explains the real purpose of Google. The addon now explains the real purpose of Googlebot - the web spider that Google uses to find information on the Net.

Another link I was alerted to recently was related to time travel. Theres a site on which you can be about $10 or so into a fund and in theory this will sit there growing interest and in the future some kind person will use this fund to pull you from the present into the future - whether just before you die or for whatever other reason. Theres a huge thread about this on the Aardvark Business forums and this sort of evolved into all sorts of bizare things related to time travel....and you thought accountancy was boring? ;)

Oh before I forget, a big thank you to all those who have visited this site! We've just had a record visitor month of 220 uniques in August which isn't bad for a site which gets virtually no promotion. :)

Final thing for today - I met someone on the the business forums calling herself The Heroines Handbag. From what I can see she's basically not that far removed from my level of sanity which is nice to see - finally a lass with "geekish tendencies" (her words). The link takes you to her profile on the site.

9th August 04

For the first time in our erm, 6 month history, we at Trev's Wacky Ideas Inc. are baffled and can't answer the question - "What is the point of speed dating?". Although we did at least get a chance to reveal ongoing work relating to the purpose of line dancing.

21st July 04

To show just how unpredictable mad theories can be, I've got a new one that resulted from a conversation with someone about why it rained less in their city of Edinburgh than Yorkshire (UK) so we now have the answer - happy cities get less rain! Don't worry, theres no science of weather charts in sight...

13th July 04

I've added a new page today which might get it's own link on the left once it's been filled out a bit - Heroes of the Internet. Basically it's a summary of those people without whom the Internet probably wouldn't exist or who's efforts have ensured the smooth running of the Internet.

The section is very new and currently I'm too tired to add more people, but if you know of anyone who isn't on there, drop me an e-mail (contact link on the left).

3rd July 04

No new updates to the site, well apart from the cheesy quote on the front page (sorry, couldn't resist). :) I have however had 2 (yes 2!) people express interest in the Ministry of Geek although since I only recently secured the domain name ministryofgeek.com I've still got to actually do something with it - maybe a forum?

I'm also seriously considering launching aWebsiteWithoutAcause.com as soon as I beg, borrow of steal some web space, although the sister site to that will have to wait until I can get some bandwidth.

12th June 04

A few more additions for you now although I'm afraid the explanation of life, the universe and little white mice still isn't on here....yet.

First off in the mad theories section we've got an idea on how dust mites can actually help reduce global warming. This idea is especially good news for students and guys living on their own as it also means you don't have to hoover as often!

Next in this section we've got a dual explanation of deja-vu which you're no doubt positive I posted earlier but you just can't find it. This one has a scientific and mad theory in it just so people can't claim we're totally mad theory biased.

Oh yeah, in the semi-mad theory section we've got our explanation of insanity! Yes, we can finally explain this but sorry still no cure.

Theres also a couple of extras in the short bits section.

I've updated the Quantum Conversation theory so it hopefully makes a little more sense now.

Finally I've revamped the about us page a little and removed an excess page so you can get to the mad theories a little quicker.

6th June 04

Ladies & Gentlemen, today we have launched the Ministry of Geek. This is not a religious organisation in the sense of the Catholic Church and probably has a few less members, but we at Trev's Wacky Ideas Inc. thought it was about time we launched a group to look after the geeks without whom you wouldn't be looking at this page.

23rd May 04

OK, another month goes by and nothing for our faithful reader (or at least Googlebot) to read, therefore this time I'm trying to add a few more theories while watching Austin Powers - this could get messy baby!

1) First off, the "We've got wonderful musical taste" dept. of Trev's Wacky Ideas Inc. had a meeting and decided that we needed a theme tune. Therefore our official theme tune is "Mad World" by Gary Jules! Actually it was originally by Tears for Fears, but Gary did a better version.

2) In the links dept. we've now got a new site under 'other stuff' which could be one of these new exercise regimes from California or some nutters from Dudley, not sure which but it's called Home Gymnastics.

3) If you really want to be confused, how about having a "Quantum Conversation". Actually this ones got me a bit baffled but thats really the whole of point of a quantum conversation...just click the link and you'll see what I mean.

4) We've now got a mad theories quotes section which contains various short ideas that might one day become famous(ish).

5) Theres also a page containing all the various misc bits and pieces that didn't really require their own page but are worth putting in.

6) Thats it, finito, endest, the end of the line, no more, not a sausage, there is absolutely no more coming in this session of the mad theories blog so until the next update (hopefully before in less than a month) <<END>>


24th April 04

We're almost as evil as God! - It's official, BeamMeUpNowPlease.com is 48% evil according to Gematriculator but when I asked it how evil God was, it said "god" is 50% evil.

The site works on the basis that the bible is 100% good and does some calculations based on this to work out how evil text is. Worryingly however, when I put in the Book of Genesis it came back as about 30% evil which isn't a great start, but it then crashed IE when I asked it about Mark's Gospel so perhaps that was God getting worried that Beam Me Up Now Please will one day become "the word" (but we already knew that). ;-)

This site is certified 48% EVIL by the Gematriculator

28th March 04

Minor updates - Found a link to a photo tour of the area around Chernobyl (see bottom of universal links) which shows you what the area is like 18 years after the nuclear disaster. Been reading it for the past hour.

Haven't had time to do any other updates although might get some more sorted tonight. Spent most of the day working out what to spend my money on for a new car.

26th March 04

Updates coming - It's been a while since I had time to do anything with this site although it looks like the stats are still steady (are you the same people coming back out of interest?).

I do plan to put some more mad theories & wacky ideas onto the site and I think there are already some in the pot waiting to be written up. There are also plans to make the theories dbase driven if I manage to get enough time to do it.

Life, the Universe and Little White Mice is a priority as that now explains everything from how a polo (mint with the hole) killed the dinousours to the true purpose of Google and a fair bit in between. :)

Oh looks like some changes I made last month backfired. We're currently about 22nd for "mad theories" on Google although we have kept the PR5 but I really need to do some promotion on the site. I've also changed the title tags again although I haven't checked where the traffic comes from in ages.


15th Feb 04

The world is very mad - I went searching Google just to see whether we appear and if you search for "mad theories" we're top. However I was looking around some other sites for that search and came to the conclusion that the world is very nuts! ;)

A lot of whats out there seem to range from be conspiracy theories about NASA to people trying to claim that powerlines can turn over tables - and they call me nuts!?

This mad theories site was designed to be fairly light hearted with a mix of semi-serious stuff and totally nuts ideas but I'll try not to get too serious ... bad for your health for one thing.

Stats going steady - Just looked at the stats for this site and amazingly people must be visiting. 145 uniques last month and heading for about the same this month....not bad for a site with virtually no promo.

By the way, if anyone wants to link to this site, please feel free... ;-)


14th Feb 04

Started Blog - For anyone who looks at this site more than once (there might be someone) you may have noticed not a lot has happened. I do plan to add some more stuff like the re-working of Life, The Universe & Little White Mice, but for now I'm just adding this bit. By the way, if you want to be notified of changes, drop me an e-mail (I promise I won't spam).

Recognised by Google! - I was just looking around the site trying to make sure it was a little search engine friendly and noticed we've got a PR5 on the front page! {Trev dances in delight!!}. Not sure why as it's only linked from 2 sites, something I will sort out soon, but thats got to be a good start.


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