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As I come across resources I plan to add useful links to this site. Some of the links will relate to the theories here and others, well, they'll just be general stuff or links to help me keep my job... :-)

Mad Theories Related Links:

Mad Theories Forum - As the title suggests, this ones run on a friends machine and allows people to openly discuss to all sorts of things relating to the weirdest and wackiest theories around. Personally I really like the Googlebot in the future thread.

Easy ways to melt your mind:

If you understand all the mad theories and want something with a little more complication, why not try these sites?

The official string theory site - A theory for tying your brain up in knots! ;)

From what I can figure, string theory is about "strings" which are around 10-33 Planck's long and without them we're all in deep trouble. Even more trouble than someone who tries to make themselves look intellegent to a prospective girlfriend by quoting anything from this site! :)

One Planck seems to be around millionth of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a centimeter in case you're wondering or for anyone working with "old" measurements, a bit smaller than 3/8 of an inch!

Stephen Hawkin's Web site - From the guy who wrote A Brief History of Time comes a web site that actually makes some sense. OK, not all of it requires a degree in advanced maths and quantium physics at least, especially the bit under the public lectures.

So if you ever wanted to know what chaos theory was or why Trev's theory about black holes swallowing the universe might have a slight glitch, then see this site.

More normal science stuff:

If you've ever wanted a fair bit of proof that we did indeed land on the moon in 1969, checkout the NASA page about the "Lunar Laser Ranging Retroreflector Array".

Forums I frequent:

I thought a few forums deserved a mention here because many of them have been the nurseries for the mad theories and provide useful information on various subjects. Now, can you guess which sites I work for... ;-)

Aardvark Business Forum - If you fancy putting your sensible head on, hit the business forum and discuss your next multi-billion dollar idea which just requires the .com boom to emerge from hiding (about as much chance as anyone taking this site seriously). Also has a connected business search engine & directory.

Aardvark Travel Forum - If you fancy travelling somewhere outside the mind of Trev, why not hitch a ride to exotic lands in this travel forum. Also has a related travel search engine & directory.

Cre8asite Search Engine Forums - If you're trying to figure out anything relating to search engines, head to this site. It probably has the foremost experts in the field.

E-Wizard (Bytech Canada) - A great forum based in Canada with very friendly people, most of whom are relatively normal but also know quite a few things about web sites and such. :)

The Shed Computer Forum - A small but growing forum with a lot of knowledgeable computer experts (also run by the same person as the Mad Theories forum above).

Other Stuff:

Zetnet - Mainly a plug for the ISP I use here in the UK. I'd guess it's main claim to fame is that it's based in the Shetland Isles way off the top of Scotland and has a very friendly group of people. Also connected with the Zetmeet (aka a gathering of people who try not to talk about computers all night, but end up talking about computers in the end...). PS: I deny all knowledge of any photos of "Trev Hartley" on any of the pages! :)

Flash movie of star clusters - a truely spectacular display of some of the most magnificant sights in the Universe. The site gives a 2 minute flash movie showing pictures taken from the Hubble Telescope and works even better if you have sound. Highly recommended!

Chernobyl photo tour - Take a bike trip with Elena through to the area around the Chernobyl nuclear plant that went bang in such spectacular and devastating style back in 1986. She takes us from the Big Egg (see site) up to the nuclear plant itself and on to whats now called Ghost town where most of the workers lived and where you can still see the washing hanging up 18 years later.

House Gymnastics - I think the name says it all although the phrase "don't try this at home" would seem suitable if a little contradictory. If you're bored and fancy a bit of exercise then why not try gymnastics around your house?

NYC Rubbish - Every so often you come across a site thats pure and total rubbish (or garbage to our American friends). Well this site is the absolute best I've seen....the guy picks up, boxes then sells New York City garbage and sells it for about $100 a time so you can have your own unique piece of the big apple (or someone elses apple in this case).

The Heroines Handbag - The site of someone I met on the business forums. She makes custom individually styled handbags to order and is trying to setup in business on her own, so I thought I'd give her a helping hand with the promo. Very nice lass - originally from NYC, but now living in England.

Candles for Laura - A slight change from what you normally get here, but I just came across this site today. It was setup as a sort of virtual "get well soon" card site if you like for a talented actress called Laura Sadler who appeared on the UK BBC TV series Grange Hill and Holby City after a serious accident from which she died a few days later. 3900 candles posted at the time of writing, nearly 2 years after the accident.

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Last Updated: 19th April 2008