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About the mad theories:

In brief this site is Trev's rambling bizare ideas and mad theories created to help him and anyone passing by to understand the complexities of life, the universe and everything (well, almost everything).

Will you find any complex maths or physics equations here? Put simply - no!

We like to work more on the basis of theories that physics people just look blankly at such as why God is a search engine, is Google really female, why do witches use broomsticks and can dustmites really save us from global warming? See the links on the left to find out!

By the way, don't forget you can find the latest news and stuff by clicking the mad theories updates links below (or on the left)!

If you want to know more about who's behind this site, then there are some links at the bottom including one that contains links to pics of me. Don't know why anyone would want to see those, but they're now updated for 2008.

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Our pledge:
We at Trev's Wacky Ideas Inc. pledge never to start sounding like your maths or physics teacher and to always try to combine entertainment & alternative theories so if you have a question, see the contact page and we'll do out best to solve it!

Oh and we also promise this site will never feature people dressed up as Captain Kirk, Scotty, Mr. Sulu or a Klingon !! :)

So on behalf of Trev's Wacky Ideas Inc.

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Last Updated: 19th April 2008