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Who's Trev? aka "Who wrote this rubbish"?

(Updated 2008 with pics)

If that doesn't satisfy your curiosity, read on...

First off, I'm not a bearded professor of philosophy at Oxford University who has a desperate need to show the world how wacky everything is and I'm not a grad student pinching all your hard earned cash for research into something that only bearded professors of philosophy would be interested in (at least not unless someone wants to pay me for such research).

I'm actually a 33 year old (April 2008) located in the top left of England (UK) who spends most of his days dabbling with various web sites, some of which are linked in the Intergalactic Links section, oh and I don't have a beard. I'll be the friend of anyone who thinks I'm a geek!

It'll probably come as no surprise that I'm a single 33 year old (2008) due to the amount of time I spend in front of a computer. Most of my time is split between PHP programming, writing some of the ideas that you see around here and trying to figure a way to simplify complex physics stuff like Black Holes and Dark Matter since I failed GCSE maths & physics (UK exams taken at 16). :-)

I must stress, I'm not a major Star Trek fan, Star Wars fan, don't spend all day playing computer games and don't talk like your average geek, at least I don't think I do.

I'm not claiming to be totally normal mind you - as you'll find out reading through this site that would be a tricky thing to claim, but most of what you see here comes from an open-ended mind which thinks in alternative ways - sort of jack of all ideas and master of non.

Oh finally - I only start spouting these ideas if you feed me after 10pm (a bit like those Gremlin things from the 80's).

A quick summary of me (inc. pics now)...

Name: Trev Hartley
: 33 (2008)
Height: About 5' 4" (I can't help it!)
Waist: My six-pack slipped. :)

Interests: Computers general, PHP, trying to understand life/death and such, theoretical physics (simplified), thinking up new ways to confuse people (good at that!), drinking Stella (performance improving again).

Ideal Woman:
18 - 40
Genuinely female (sorry, no cross dressers)
Not over proportioned on top (really!)
Doesn't want kids, at least not from me! :)

My finances: Much better than previous jobs, but still can't buy a house in Kendal, Cumbria (where I work).

Mental state: Since this probably gets questioned, it's a bit of an unknown but I have been diagnosed with clinical depression and psychosis, plus there's very strong evidence of Aspergers, OCD and probably a few other things. But hey, some of the most interesting people I know aren't "normal" in the traditional sense. Word of advice - Prozac kills everything! :)

Photos: Erm, well, yes... Ok, there are some photos around the net but finding them can be tricky, so heres some links. I'm purely putting these here to prove I don't look like the aforementioned academics and do occasionally go out:

2008 photo update - thought it was about time I sorted this and here's a new one from April 2008. There are 2 in existance, but the other one makes me look so awful compared to reality that I've removed it. If you really go hunting you might be able to find it.

Zetmeet Trev 1a - My 2008 pic.

Trev 1b - Self taken pic from 2005

The rest of these are relatively old...

Trev 1c
- 2nd row
Trev 2 - 2nd row
Trev 3 - 3rd row
Trev 4 - bottom
Trev 5 - 2nd row & the middle
Trev 6 - various

Btw, their all from Zetmeet pages which are the gatherings of the Zetnutters/Zetnetters of Zetnet (our ISP) and a great bunch of people!

Yeah ok I've also ruined my chances of finding any women, but that just means more time with the computer! :)

Anyway, thats enough about me for now - back to the about page

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Last Updated: 19th April 2008