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Whats this site all about?

Warning: This is really just a repeat of the about us page, but I thought why not just leave it here....might entertain someone!

The quick answer:
this is the dumping ground for all those bizare thoughts floating around Trev's head along with some slightly more serious stuff relating to paranormal activities and the likes.

The more useful answer: First off, this site has nothing to do with Star Trek and is more concerned with worm holes than warp drives.

Basically this site is where I (see about Trev) publish all the slightly bizare thoughts that come out of my overactive mind ranging from why witches use broomsticks to the search for the answer to Life, the Universe and Little White Mice. There is also slightly more serious stuff including a look into the world of the so called paranormal along with a crossover in places between the two. If you have a look in Weird Ideas Central you'll find all the ideas lined up ready for inspection.

Everyone I'm sure has these kinds of ideas, but most will dismiss them or never tell anyone fearing their friends will think they are rather nuts. In my case, I figured being nuts wasn't such a bad idea so I wrote the ideas down in various forums and after people seemed to like them eventually got this site off the ground.

Actually I should correct this in that not everything here will be a wacky idea as such. Some things will deal with events (mostly scientific) and some real stuff that I just can't explain....but for the most part it'll be purely weird! :)

If you have ideas that you'd like to submit, click on the appropriate link on the left. Theres also the Mad Theories forum where you can submit and openly discuss your ideas (run by a friend of mine) - just click on forum button at the top after logging in. It's not very well promoted yet, but should grow with time.

I can't guarantee when this site will be updated mainly because I never know when the inspiration for the ideas will appear, but if you'd like to be notified of updates, send me a quick message and I'll add you to the makeshift mailing list (don't worry, no danger of you getting junk from it).

A nice compliment someone gave me: "Trev, you don't need weed (cannabis), you're not on this planet anyway!". <g>

Oh yeah non of the ideas here result from drugs, alcohol or strange rituals relating to religious cults (well apart from the occasional Stella Artois).

Final thing - everything I publish here will be family friendly so no swearing, not a great deal about sex and absolutely nothing relating to Star Trek conventions! ;-)

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Last Updated: 19th April 2008